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Our mortgage brokers office for Laval

Thinking of buying a property in Laval? This large city benefits from the economic effervescence of its great neighbor, Montreal! Laval’s real estate market is developing at a steady pace. Buyers are flocking in and most properties get snatched up quickly!

To secure a loan [and the keys] to the perfect Laval home, source the advice of Team Distinction mortgage broker – we have been serving Laval for over 20 years!

Mortgage brokers office for Laval


Specificities of the Laval market

Laval is located close to Montreal, from which it is separated by the Rivière des Prairies. Its territory covers most of Île Jésus and extends to a few small islands belonging to the Hochelaga archipelago. Its historical and geographical links with the metropolis greatly contribute its economy and consequently, to the growth of its real estate market. According to the latest census, Laval has a population of over 438,000; which has increased consistently for decades, primarily thanks to immigration.

Laval is a rather modern city with an efficient public transit system operated by the Société de transport de Laval (STL). Some 44 bus lines connect the city’s neighbourhoods. Laval also homes three metro stations of Montreal’s orange line. Further, two commuter train lines service Laval: three stations of the Saint-Jérôme line (Sainte-Rose, Vimont and De la Concorde) and two of the Deux-Montagnes line (Île-Bigras and Sainte-Dorothée). The cost of using Laval’s public transportation is considered reasonable. Notably, the STL has generously invested to meet government standards regarding accessibility for people with disabilities.

Laval’s economy is essentially based on tertiary activities, which represents 86.2% of economic activity. Chemical manufacturing and printing companies are also found in the area consisting of just over 10%. From a residential standpoint, Chomedey in the South West of Île Jésus, is the most populous and liveliest neighbourhood in Laval. Its territory borders Fabreville, another highly populated area. In this area, 86% of residents own their homes. Vimont, Pont-Viau, Laval-des-Rapides, and Duvernay are also part of the city’s 14 neighbourhoods.

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The Laval real estate market in 2021-2022

Laval’s real estate market tends to evolve at the same pace as Montreal’s. In 2022, the number of transactions had slightly decreased compared to 2021. We can attribute the decline to the overall economic slowdown along with rising interest rates.

However, Laval’s real estate sector remains dynamic given its size, with 705 properties sold in January and February. The median price was around $386,250 by the end of February 2022.

Most of the properties for sale in Laval are single-family homes. Plexes of 2-5 units are also available. A condo generally sells in 45 days, compared to 33 days for a single-family home. This average rises to 75 days for multi-unit plexes.

Naturally various factors will cause these averages to fluctuate.


Laval’s major projects

Like Montreal, Laval will benefit from the advantages of the REM (Réseau Express Métropolitain). Improved public transit will simplify travel between neighbourhoods and cities in the metropolitan region. If you live in Laval, commuting downtown for work or leisure will be easier!

Other major projects under study or in the implementation phase include an urban design project around the De la Concorde and Cartier metro stations, as well as a program to revitalize the Val-Martin buildings and the development of downtown.

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What makes a good mortgage broker for Laval?

Do you want to buy a house, a condo, or a plex in Laval? For an optimal experience, mandate the right professionals, including a real estate broker to find the house of your dreams and a good mortgage broker to then finance it!


For maximum results, trust an expert who has advised clients of Laval and who is familiar with the market. Of the Multi-Prêts Hypothèques firm, Team Distinction remains at your service. Make an appointment with one of our mortgage brokers today: they will analyze your profile and develop a strategy to find you an advantageous loan at a competitive rate!

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